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Joshua Duvall to Present on Bid Protests at HUBZone Small Business Summit

On Thursday, September 9, 2021, Joshua Duvall will present Bid Protests 101: What GovCons Need to Know at the HUBZone Small Business Strategic Summit in Chantilly, VA.

In this session, Josh will explore the nuts and bolts of GAO bid protests and will provide a pragmatic best practices approach for incorporating them into your procurement playbook. Attendees will learn the basics of GAO bid protests, including the types of protests, timeliness issues, and debriefings, spotting viable bid protest grounds, and intervening (when you're the awardee).

The HUBZone Small Business Strategic Summit is a 2-day conference that will provide an opportunity for HUBZone small businesses to connect with similarly situated entities to discuss opportunities and build strategies to grow their business. Registration for the Strategic Summit also covers the Virtual Summit, which includes 30 days of webinars from leading industry experts, 3 days of matchmaking with over 100 different agency and industry buyers, and more.

To register for the HUBZone Summit, click here.

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