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Joshua Duvall to Participate in Coach's Corner at the UCF Business Incubator

On October 27, 2021, Joshua Duvall will be presenting on government contracts and business issues at the University of Central Florida ("UCF") Business Incubation Program's Coach's Corner series at UCF's Research Park complex. The Coach's Corner series is part of the Business Incubator's efforts to provide education and training to Incubator participants on a variety of issues that they may encounter on their growth path.

The UCF Business Incubation Program provides business development and operational support to early-stage, innovative businesses throughout Central Florida. Since 1999, this award-winning program has supported hundreds of companies, who have collectively generated more than $400 million in sales and over $100 million in outside funding.

Incubator participants at UCF's Research Park complex primarily focus on the Defense/Military, Modeling Simulation & Training, Cybersecurity, Photonics, Robotics, Energy, and Space industries.

For more information about the UCF Business Incubation Program, visit their website here.

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