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Joshua Duvall Presents on GSA's OASIS+ Solicitation with Industry Experts

On June 28, 2023, Joshua Duvall presented a webinar, GSA OASIS+ FINAL RFP Changes, Ambiguities and Questions for GSA, with Kathy Lentz (Federal Insights) and Robert Turner (rTurner Consulting). During the presentation, Josh, Kathy, and Robert discussed the highly anticipated solicitation for the General Services Administration’s $60B multi-agency contract called OASIS+. Josh’s portion of the webinar focused on bid protest issues and key regulatory provisions to which contractors must adhere to be successful on this important 10-year multi-agency contract.

About the Webinar

In this first webinar discussing the GSA OASIS+ FINAL RFP, we will do a deep dive on the changes that GSA made to the RFP from the previous draft, discuss the ambiguities that still exist, present questions and issues that you can send to GSA to help shape Amendment 01.


Robert Turner from rTurner Consulting will brief the FINAL RFP Changes and Impacts Kathy Lentz from Federal Insights will discuss Ambiguities and Capture Strategies Joshua Duvall from Maynard Nexsen will discuss the legal issues, FAR clauses, Mentor-Protege concessions and the impacts we're seeing in industry from the recent Federal Court protest decisions.

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