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Joshua Duvall Appointed to Continue Serving as Vice-Chair of ABA Bid Protest & Membership Committees

Friends and Blog Readers,

I am pleased to announce that the leadership of the American Bar Association Section of Public Contract Law ("ABA PCL") has appointed me to continue serving the ABA PCL as Vice-Chair of the Bid Protest Committee and Vice-Chair of the Membership Committee.

The ABA PCL is made up of a variety of attorneys and non-attorneys involved in public procurement, including cost and pricing experts, proposal and industry consultants, government attorneys, in-house counsel, and attorneys in private practice. The ABA PCL "serves to provide balanced recommendations on procurement policy, provide a forum to engage with colleagues across all segments of the procurement industry, and gain insight into and develop unique perspectives of federal, state and local public contract law."

It is an honor to serve the ABA PCL in these roles and I look forward to collaborating with our membership to advance public procurement issues in bid protests and beyond.


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