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GovConJudicata Weekly Debrief (8/9–13)

This week's Weekly Debrief covers NSA's $10 billion cloud contract, ThinSat Constellations, Army Future's AI needs over the next five years, SpaceCom's seamless space, air, and missile needs, and cloud for records digitalization.


  • "The National Security Agency has awarded a secret cloud computing contract worth up to $10 billion to Amazon Web Services, Nextgov has learned. The contract is already being challenged. Tech giant Microsoft filed a bid protest on July 21 with the Government Accountability Office two weeks after being notified by the NSA that it had selected AWS for the contract."


  • "NearSpace Launch Inc., innovators of ThinSats and EyeStar radios, was recently awarded contracts from both NASA and the Space Force. These contracts will further develop and scale the ThinSat Constellations for Space Weather (SW) and rapid payload testing. The NASA contract is seeking a Space Weather Constellation that integrates different payloads from leading Space Weather partners. NSL will also be delivering a scaled up ThinSat Constellation to the Space Force that will be used for rapid testing of commercial systems and will raise Technology Readiness Levels for the DOD. Both constellations are currently under Phase II SBIR contracts."


  • "Army Futures Command has outlined 11 broad areas of artificial intelligence research it’s interested in over the next five years, with an emphasis on data analysis, autonomous systems, security and decision-making assistance. The broad agency announcement from the Austin, Texas-based command comes as the service and the Defense Department work to connect sensors and shooters across the battlefield. Artificial intelligence will be key in that effort by analyzing data and assisting commanders in the decision-making process."

  • "Gen. Jim Dickinson, Space Command head, is pressing to ensure that space operations are inextricably linked to both air and missile defense operations via multifunctional sensor networks."


  • "Post-pandemic, the civil service is expected to be hybrid, paperless and agile. This is thanks to cloud technology, which the Labor Department, Government Accountability Office and Air Force have implemented in tailored ways both thanks to and pre-dating COVID-19’s forced mass telework conditions."

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