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GovConJudicata Weekly Debrief (7/11–15)

This week's Weekly Debrief covers FBI's network infrastructure refresh, small business contracting, cyber defenses for critical infrastructure, FCA cyber settlement, and Boeing's new approach for FFP contracts.


FedScoop – FBI preparing for complete network infrastructure refresh

  • "The FBI wants equipment manufacturers to detail their latest routers, switches, firewalls and other networking devices as it prepares for a bureau-wide infrastructure technology refresh."

Small Business

BGov – Maximize Your Bid Options With Small Businesses

  • "Variety is the spice of life, right? Whether it’s the cut and cook of steak or having more than one choice of dessert, people like having options. Federal contracting officers are no different. They too enjoy having a variety of choices. That’s getting tougher for them."


CyberScoop – Langevin amendment to boost cyber defenses for critical infrastructure wins House approval

  • "An amendment that includes cyber protections to defend “systemically important” critical infrastructure — such as large energy utilities, telecom providers and major financial institutions — won adoption in the U.S. House of Representatives Thursday."

SCMag – Settlement shows False Claims Act is no silver bullet for cybersecurity compliance

  • "The details of a long-awaited conclusion to a civil lawsuit may strengthen the government’s position that it can leverage a 150-year-old law to go after companies that fail to comply with cybersecurity regulations spelled out in federal contracts. However, some federal and legal experts believe the victory should be seen as partial at best, signaling that more aggressive efforts to wield the False Claims Act at scale to influence contractor behavior will likely require additional long and costly battles in court."


BreakingDefense – New Boeing Defense CEO signals ‘different approach’ in future fixed-price contracts

  • "Over the past several years, Boeing’s defense business has racked up billions of dollars in cost overruns on fixed-price contracts like the KC-46 tanker and new Air Force One planes. But while the unit’s new chief executive declined to say for certain that company will be less aggressive in offering low-ball bids for future programs, he said it does plan to “take a different approach” in some cases based on lessons learned from past mistakes."

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