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GovConJudicata Weekly Debrief (6/19–23)

This week's Weekly Debrief covers House leaders' investigation on, HSAC and SASC approval of NDAA, NASA's Earth Information Center, DoJ's cyber-threat litigation section, and how contractors can navigate cyber regulations.


  • "House leaders investigating whether General Services Administration officials misled federal agencies about’s compliance with identity standards called for documents, information and staff-level briefings Wednesday to determine whether the alleged misrepresentations led to the site’s $187 million Technology Modernization Fund award."

  • "The House and Senate armed services committees each finished their work on their versions of next year’s defense authorization bill within a day of one another, with both key committees approving overall funding levels that closely match the Biden administrations 2024 funding request of $842 billion in discretionary DoD spending."


  • "NASA inaugurated a public center designed to highlight the information provided by its fleet of Earth science spacecraft, although future missions face budgetary challenges."


  • "The Department of Justice is creating a new litigating section within its National Security Division dedicated to cybersecurity. 'Cybersecurity is a national security matter,' Matthew G. Olsen, assistant attorney general of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, said in a Tuesday event at Stanford’s Hoover Institution announcing the new section."


  • "There are kinks in the chain — the supply chain. And after several high-profile cybersecurity breaches over the past few years, the federal government continues to crack down on potential risks with new rules and regulations that affect government agencies and contractors."

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