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GovConJudicata Weekly Debrief (12/27–31)

This week's Weekly Debrief caps off another calendar year and covers the Navy's AI capabilities, Space Force acquisition, cyber and supply chain issues, agencies falling short on SDVOSB goals, and small business support.


  • "The United States Navy is experimenting with a new program to help mitigate and streamline operational governance among its warfighters, emphasizing the integration of automated and artificial intelligence technologies into its standard processes."

  • "Of all the moving and shaking (not to mention shenanigans) likely to happen next year in military space, acquisition reform will be the one key topic to keep the keenest eyeballs on. As is often the case in governance, process will be a big factor in setting policy."


  • "A year after the SolarWinds compromise, federal agencies are once again entering the new year in the middle of a cybersecurity emergency, with IT offices racing to identify and patch instances of widely used software code on their networks. But after 12 months of “blocking and tackling,” experts say the federal enterprise is better positioned to handle cybersecurity incidents and primed for more progress in 2022."

  • "A supply chain attack, also called a value-chain or third-party attack, occurs when someone infiltrates your system through an outside partner or provider with access to your systems and data. This has dramatically changed the attack surface of the typical enterprise in the past few years, with more suppliers and service providers touching sensitive data than ever before."

  • "Information security continues to be a “major management challenge” for the State Department due to a “concerning” number of open recommendations around “fundamental” IT issues, according to an Office of Inspector General report released Wednesday."

Small Business

  • "Earlier this month, we reflected on the memory and legacy of Senator Bob Dole, a disabled veteran and author of the Americans with Disabilities Act who gave more to this nation as a young man in uniform than most do in a lifetime, and then continued to do so for the rest of his life. In a country with such deep partisan divides, one thing I heard throughout my time in Washington, from members of both parties, was that the United States had a responsibility to take care of disabled veterans and provide them with support and opportunities. They are our nation’s heroes who sacrificed more than most can imagine when their country called."

  • "If you thought the U.S. Small Business Administration was done doling out disaster loans, you're right--but that doesn't mean the agency is hanging up its jersey. The SBA will accept applications for Covid Economic Injury Disaster (EIDL) loans until December 31. Then it will then continue to process the applications after the deadline until funds are fully depleted. While the agency says its Targeted Advance grant is also sunsetting at year end, it may be unable to process the applications filed close that deadline "due to legal requirements." Those interested in that program were encouraged to apply by December 10."

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