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GovConJudicata Weekly Debrief (11/1–5)

This week's Weekly Debrief covers DoD's CMMC 2.0 program, Gen. Nakasone's remarks on cyber deterrence, federal contractor vaccine mandate, GSA's plans for FBI headquarters, and Blue Origin's unsuccessful lawsuit against NASA for lunar landing contract.


  • "The Defense Department is significantly scaling back a program it rolled out last year to validate the cybersecurity of its suppliers through third-party audits and is halting its implementation until the changes are official."

  • "Gen. Paul Nakasone reiterated on Wednesday that traditional military deterrence “is a model that does not comport to cyberspace,” despite oft-heard calls for cyber deterrence in the wake of the latest cybersecurity incident."

Vaccine Mandate

  • "Federal contractors now have two months to comply for their employees to comply with the president’s recent executive order requiring COVID-19 vaccines. So far, government vendors and other stakeholders have reacted to the federal vaccine mandate in a variety of ways."


  • "The head of the General Services Administration (GSA) said her agency was aiming to move forward with plans to build new headquarters for the FBI after the years-long effort was derailed by the Trump administration."


  • "Jeff Bezos’ spaceflight venture Blue Origin has lost out on its lawsuit against NASA over a contract to build the space agency’s next human lunar lander. The judgement puts an end to Blue Origin’s monthslong quest to receive government funding to develop the company’s lander, called Blue Moon, for NASA."

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