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GovConJudicata Weekly Debrief (10/16–20)

This week's Weekly Debrief covers artificial intelligence, Coast Guard tech, and space.


  • "As the White House inches closer to the release of an executive order on artificial intelligence and guidance for federal agencies on responsible use of the technology, the federal chief information security officer said AI procurement is something Biden administration officials are “actively discussing” as part of that conversation."

Coast Guard

  • "Short by thousands of personnel, the Coast Guard is turning to technology to help it work more effectively and recruit. The Coast Guard is using technology for some of its activities like stopping illegal fishing and maritime border control, while also using it to help in its recruitment and workforce efforts."


  • "The Space Development Agency awarded York Space Systems a $615 million contract to build 62 communication satellites for the agency’s space-based data transport constellation. The satellites will make up a portion of what SDA calls its Tranche 2 Transport Layer Alpha spacecraft, which will provide a communication network in low Earth orbit, about 1,200 miles above the planet’s surface. That interconnected constellation will provide global connectivity for military users."

  • "ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING NEW MARKETS IN THE SPACE SECTORIS POISED FOR LIFTOFF. Privately owned space stations, backed by investors and strategic partners, will soon be a reality. Implemented correctly, a dramatic new era of in-space manufacturing, research, entertainment, and tourism will be unleashed."

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