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Event: Top Reasons for Intervening in Bid Protests

On April 14, 2021 at 3:00PM EST, bid protest attorney Joshua Duvall will lead a Matross "Cup O' Counsel" Educational Coffee Break Series event on "Top Reasons for Intervening in Bid Protests."

With ever increasing competition for federal contracts, it's no surprise that a number of unsuccessful offerors will utilize the bid protest mechanism to challenge an agency's evaluation and award decision. This is particularly true where the award value is high or the procurement is strategically significant. Yet, for awardees, the question is what can (or should) you do when a competitor files a bid protest at GAO or COFC to challenge your award? Fortunately, awardees don't need to sit idly on the sidelines and hope for a positive outcome.

In this Cup O' Counsel session, Joshua Duvall will provide an overview of bid protest intervention, common protest defenses, cost considerations, and top reasons why awardees should consider intervening in bid protests.

To RSVP, kindly email Joshua Duvall at

We hope to see you there and don't forget your coffee!

Note: The Matross "Cup O' Counsel" Educational Coffee Break Series is a generalized information session only. For legal advice on a specific matter, please contact an attorney.

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