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Joshua Duvall to Speak on SBA Past Performance Rules at AFCEA Small Business Committee Meeting

On Thursday, October 13, 2022, Joshua Duvall will be presenting a webinar for the AFCEA International Small Business Committee. The webinar will cover some of the Small Business Administration's ("SBA") rules regarding past performance.

In government contracting, past performance is a critical element that can make or break an award. Recently, the SBA made several changes to its regulations regarding past performance. These rules, and others, are welcome news for small business concerns that are competing for lucrative prime contracts. This webinar will explore some of SBA's past performance rules so they remain top of mind during your business and proposal efforts.

The presentation is hosted by the AFCEA Small Business Committee, which helps shape AFCEA's small business benefits and provides an active focal point for the coordination of its small business programs. The SBC comprises a diverse group of volunteers made up of AFCEA industry members and government representatives who are ready to serve AFCEA members.

Joshua Duvall serves as the AFCEA Small Business Committee Chair for Fiscal Year 2023.

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