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Joshua Duvall to Present on Small Business Issues in CIO-SP4 Panel Discussion

On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, Joshua Duvall will participate in a live interactive webinar, CIO-SP4 Capture Strategies - Analysis of CIO-SP3 Protests and New SBA Rules, with Robert Turner of rTurner Consulting and Kathy Lentz of Federal Insights.

During the live interactive webinar, the panelists will cover a variety of BD, capture, proposal, and legal issues, including:

  • Lessons learned from recent GWAC submittals you can prevent

  • Suggested structure for current Draft CIO-SP4 main sections

  • Insights from GAO bid protests under the CIO-SP3 On-Ramp

  • SBA’s November 2020 regulatory changes and their impact on contractors and the CIO-SP4 RFP

For more information about the webinar or to register, click here.

Check out this 5-minute video introducing the presenters and content:

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