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Joshua Duvall to Present on Bid Protests, Moderate on Cyber Regs at 2023 National HUBZone Event

On August 22 & 23, 2023, Joshua Duvall will be participating in the 2023 National HUBZone Conference in Leesburg, VA as both a presenter and panel moderator. On August 22, Josh will present Bid Protests 101 and, on August 23, Josh will moderate a panel called Navigating Regulatory and Policy Updates in Government Cyber Security Protocols: Ensuring Compliance and Strengthening Resilience.

Bid Protests 101

  • A GAO bid protest is a powerful tool for government contractors, but many small businesses often don't understand how to take advantage of the process This session will explore the nuts and bolts of GAO bid protests, and provide a pragmatic best practices approach for incorporating them into your procurement playbook. Attendees will learn the basics of GAO bid protests, including the types of protests, timeliness issues, and debriefings, spotting viable bid protest grounds, and intervening (when you're the awardee). In the competitive federal marketplace, many contractors will use the bid protest process for pre-and post-award issues to enhance their chance of winning a contract. By developing a fundamental understanding of bid protests, decision-makers will be in a better position to spot viable bid protest issues and perhaps avoid undue costs or headaches.

Navigating Regulatory and Policy Updates in Government Cyber Security Protocols

  • This panel explores the dynamic landscape of government cybersecurity regulations and policies, emphasizing the importance of compliance and resilience for organizations engaged in government contracting. It highlights key regulatory frameworks, policy updates, and the challenges faced by government contractors in achieving compliance. Additionally, it provides insights into best practices for enhancing cyber security posture and fostering resilience against evolving cyber threats. By staying informed and adapting to changes in government cyber security protocols, organizations can effectively protect sensitive information and mitigate risks.

  • Panelists: Matthew Epstein, Stuart Itkin, Angela Dingle, and Jeff Stutzman

The 2023 National HUBZone Conference is a 2-day event packed with matchmaking, networking, and workshops. This annual conference emphasizes the importance of community collaboration to rebuild and strengthen after times of crisis, and highlights the role that HUBZone businesses can play in building resilient and sustainable communities. During the conference, attendees will be able to engage with federal agencies, large primes, and subject matter experts to learn about new contracting opportunities. Attendees also will have ample time to visit contractor booths in the exhibit hall.

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