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Joshua Duvall to Participate in CMMC Panel Discussion for CMMC Information Institute

On Friday, March 19, 2021, Joshua Duvall will participate in a panel discussion, Cybersecurity, CMMC, and the Law: What Every Contractor Needs to Know, hosted by the nonprofit CMMC Information Institute.

Joined by Kate Growley of Crowell & Morning LLP and Robert Metzger of Rogers Joseph O'Donnell PC, the panel will cover a host of issues related to the Department of Defense's new cyber regime, including:

  • My prime contractor keeps asking me about CUI. What is CUI, how do I identify it, and what do I do with it once I find it?

  • I don’t think my company has CUI, and we don’t expect to receive any. Can I waive my obligations to protect CUI through a memo or other change to a contract?

  • What kind of “teeth” does the government have when enforcing contractual or other legal and regulatory obligations?

  • What about my subcontractors; do I need to worry about them, too?

  • Are all of these regulations likely to create more grounds for bid protests?

The CMMC Information Institute is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure organizations seeking CMMC certification have access to accurate information they need to make informed decisions.

For more information on the webinar or to register, click here.

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