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Joshua Duvall Gives Webinar on FAR Part 7 Acquisition Planning

On February 16, 2024, Joshua Duvall presented a webinar covering Federal Acquisition Regulation ("FAR") Part 7 – Acquisition Planning for the 2024 Webinar Series: The FAR: Federal Acquisition Regulations, hosted by government contracts consulting firm Jennifer Schaus & Associates.

As explored in the webinar, Josh covered the policies and procedures regarding agency acquisition plans and what agencies should consider as they move through the acquisition process, including as related to market research, commercial products or services, competition, small business issues, contract type, consolidation and bundling, and more.

Jennifer Schaus & Associates is a business that helps government contractors with a broad range of services including market analysis; GSA schedule assistance; capture, marketing, and business development; proposal writing and management; and pricing, compliance, and DCAA.

For more information on the 2024 Webinar Series, click here.

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