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Joshua Duvall Among OrangeSlices AI's 2023 Engage FedGov Honorees

GovConJudicata's blog founder and author Joshua Duvall was recently honored with being one of OrangeSlices AI's 2023 Engage FedGov Honorees. From OrangeSlices AI:

  • Continuing our commitment to shine a light on the good stuff, to spotlight those that are #doingitright, we are pleased to announce the 2023 Engage FedGov Honorees. This list of individuals, who were nominated, evaluated, and selected by a panel of their peers, represents exceptional leaders from across government and industry who stand out from the crowd for their willingness to drive BOLD approaches and innovative engagement strategies while supporting a culture shift across the Federal sector which values collaboration, open communication, transparency, and partnership between and across the Federal government and industry partner ecosystems.

The 2023 FedGov Honorees were selected with the following six characteristics in mind:

  1. Exemplify Open Communication

  2. Evidence of Mission Focus

  3. Execution as a Good Partner

  4. Engage with the Community

  5. Encourage Inclusivity

  6. Exemplify Innovation

To view the full list of honorees, visit OrangeSlices AI.

Congrats to all!

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