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GovConJudicata Weekly Debrief (11/13–17)

This week's Weekly Debrief covers the Pentagon and continuing resolutions, US deal to send Japan Tomahawk missiles, locality pay, Lockheed's space-based 5G demonstration, and space tools.


  • "Congress’ habit of kicking the can down the road with more continuing resolutions instead of full appropriations bills could have major repercussions for the Defense Department and other agencies, the Pentagon’s top financial official said this week."

  • "The US State Department today approved the potential sale of hundreds of Raytheon-made Tomahawk missiles and associated systems to Japan for $2.4 billion. Japan had requested to buy 400 missiles — 200 Block IV All Up Rounds and 200 Block V — as well as 14 control systems, plus software, hardware, training and other add-ons."


  • "Democrats in both chambers of Congress on Wednesday reintroduced legislation aimed at ending the “disparity” in how white- and blue-collar federal employees are compensated based on where in the country they live and work. The Locality Pay Equity Act (S. 3308), introduced by Sen. Bob Casey and Rep. Matt Cartwright, both D-Pa., would ensure that both General Schedule and Federal Wage System employees are provided locality pay based on the same map of locality pay areas."


  • "Lockheed Martin announced Nov. 16 it plans to launch a payload to orbit next year to demonstrate 5G connectivity from space. The experiment is part of a larger project, known as 5G.MIL, that the company started in 2020 in response to military demand for high-speed wireless communications. By branching the latest cellular technology into space, the company ultimately hopes to forge what it calls an “all-domain network” — or a seamless communications web between space assets, aircraft, ships and ground forces."

  • "That’s no moon. An astronaut’s tool bag that accidentally floated away during a routine spacewalk at the International Space Station is now orbiting Earth and may be bright enough to spot by keen-eyed skywatchers."

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