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SBA's Publishes New Table of Size Standards

Welcome news for many small businesses as the Small Business Administration (SBA) publishes its new size standards, effective as of August 19, 2019.

For example, NAICS 541519 now carries a $30.0M size standard and NAICS 541611 carries a $16.5M standard.

This change is consistent with SBA's interim final rule, which was published in July and adjusted SBA's monetary-based size standards for inflation. Interestingly, however, SBA's final rule notes that the new inflationary adjustments "are separate from revisions to size standards made during the 5-year rolling reviews of size standards, as mandated by the Jobs Act."

Per SBA, the separate review includes looking at "industry structure (i.e., average firm size, startup costs and entry barriers, industry concentration, and distribution of firms by business size) and Federal contracting trends [] for industries with significant contracting activities." After SBA completes the review, contractors could see size standards increase again for some NAICS codes.

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