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GovConJudicata Weekly Debrief (3/13–17)

This Week's Weekly Debrief covers space tech and regulations, NASA's planetary science program, White House's national cyber strategy, Microsoft's warning of potential Russian cyberattacks, and the inside scoop on DoD's 2024 tech-heavy budget.


  • "Regulation and standards are imperative to the success of novel space technology and activities, government and industry officials said on a Wednesday panel at the Satellite 2023 conference."

  • "Budget pressures in NASA’s planetary science program could force the agency to choose between continuing a mission to Venus that has already been delayed or requesting proposals for a future mission."


  • "A leading trade association representing the information and communications technology industries has pushed back on a series of software liability reforms featured in the new national cybersecurity strategy this week."

  • "Russian hackers linked with destructive malware attacks may be preparing for a new wave of strikes, researchers with Microsoft’s Digital Threat Analysis Center said Wednesday."


  • "The Defense Department’s 2024 budget highlighted the Pentagons’ priorities for upgrading its technologies through a combination of research, development, technology and science. Although the topline numbers for the department show an all-time high of $842 billion, leaders say the increase of $26 billion over last year’s enacted but is basically flat due to inflation."

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