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GovConJudicata Weekly Debrief (12/6–10)

This week's Weekly Debrief covers OMB's new guidance on the vaccine mandate, the 2022 NDAA, SDA's procurement for missile-tracking satellites, NASA contracts for space stations, and how to write a government proposal.

Vaccine Mandate

FedNewsNet – OMB offers new guidance on federal contractor vaccine mandate, as compliance ticks up for feds

  • "The Biden administration offered more details Thursday for federal contractors tracking the multiple legal challenges to the president’s vaccine mandate, while reporting a slight increase in the number of executive branch employees who have complied with their agency’s own requirements."


FCW – House passes NDAA compromise bill

  • "In a race to pass the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act before the New Year, the congressional defense committees pushed out a compromise version of the bill on Dec. 7 that authorizes $740 billion spending level for the Defense Department in fiscal 2022."

NextGov – Defense Spending Bill Contains ‘Most Significant’ UFO Legislation Since 1960s

  • "Tucked into the latest, more-than-2,000-page version of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2022 is a provision that would mandate the formal establishment of a federal office, organizational structure, and authorities to confront unidentified aerial phenomena, the Defense Department’s modern term for UFOs."


SpaceNews Space Development Agency to acquire 28 missile-tracking satellites to launch in late 2024

  • "The Pentagon’s Space Development Agency is planning a new procurement of satellites that will be part of a global constellation of missile-tracking space sensors. The agency is looking to buy 28 satellites for the constellation known as Tracking Layer Tranche 1, according to a Dec. 6 draft solicitation."


  • "On December 2, the space agency announced three contracts with private companies worth $415.6 million to develop privately built and operated space stations. One contract to Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin for its Orbital Reef “mixed-use space business park” concept, one contract to Nanoracks’s four-astronaut capacity proposal, and one contract to Northrop Grumman’s idea for a “modular destination” in low Earth orbit (LEO)."


GovConWire – How to Write a Government Proposal for a Government Contract

  • "Government contracting can give benefits and opportunities to reach an extra mile for any business that wishes to offer its product or services to a new market. You might not be able to access government contracts daily on your business. Still, whenever you come across this business competition, you must be prepared and have a management plan to take advantage of it."

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