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GovConJudicata Weekly Debrief (10/24–28)

This week's Weekly Debrief covers software security, the White House's 100-day cyber sprint, Pentagon's new strategy, small business in Navy contracting, and the 2023 NDAA.


  • "A key National Institute of Standards and Technology advisor expressed skepticism at a recent meeting about a policy that encourages agencies to accept software vendors’ security promises."

  • "Thechemical industry is the next sector to take up President Biden’s 100-day cybersecurity sprint, the administration announced Wednesday, an effort designed to sharpen operators’ focus on the most significant risks from a digital attack such as gas leaks and other contaminations."


  • "After months of delays, the unclassified version of the National Defense Strategy hit the streets on Thursday, pledging a renewed focus on China and including not much in the way of surprises. Now, experts say, is time to answer the big question: Can the Defense Department actually execute it?"

  • " The Navy is taking steps to increase small business awards and hold large prime contractors accountable for meeting their subcontracting plans through multiple initiatives. This fiscal year, the Navy will take five large contracts and break them up into smaller awards so small businesses and others can compete for the work."


  • "The Alliance for Digital Innovation has called on lawmakers to prioritize five key areas including cloud migration, cybersecurity and acquisition reform as they work to enact the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2023."

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