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Debriefing and Bid Protest Tipsheet

The end of FY20 is around the corner, which means countless government contractors have recently received an award decision (or are patiently waiting for an award decision) from a federal agency. It also means that some contractors are waiting for an opportunity to receive a debriefing under the Federal Acquisition Regulation ("FAR").

Under FAR Part 15 (negotiated procurements) and FAR 16.505(b)(6) (task/delivery orders exceeding $5.5 million), federal agencies are required to provide offerors – win or lose – with a debriefing where it is timely requested. The debriefing is a powerful tool not only for information gathering but also for relationship building, and contractors who approach debriefings deliberately will likely get the most out of the process.

To assist in your preparation, check out the following Debriefing and Bid Protest Tipsheet. As a reminder, the Tipsheet is for generalized informational purposes only (desk reference), and should not be relied upon as legal advice for a particular matter. If you need tailored legal advice for a particular debriefing, bid protest, or matter, please contact an attorney.

Revised version attached. (February 2021)

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