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GovConJudicata Weekly Debrief (12/23–27)

The final Weekly Debrief of 2019 covers a number of interesting topics in tech/cyber, including the 2020 NDAA, the Space Force, Homeland's new network security guidance, NSA's plan for cyber talent, the 2020 Federal Data Strategy's action plan, and cutting edge tech at the VA.

Thanks for reading and see you next year!


  • FCW – Cyber, IT personnel, and acquisition changes in the 2020 NDAA

  • ​"The 2020 National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law Dec. 20, and with it comes a range of cyber, IT personnel and acquisition policy changes. Here's some of what FCW will be tracking in the New Year:"

  • FederalNewsNetwork – Three must-read acquisition provisions in the 2020 NDAA

  • "After a long conference period the 2020 Defense Authorization Act was finally signed into law last week, and with it come some changes to the defense acquisition process. Federal News Network compiled three provisions that are particularly interesting regarding the procurement of military weapons."

  • GovExec – Space Force Is Go for Launch, But ‘Thousands’ of Decisions Remain

  • "With President Trump’s signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, the U.S. Space Force has officially lifted off. Senior defense officials and military leaders said that the law allows the new service to begin to execute on months of planning. But “thousands” of decisions have yet to be made. It’s not yet settled what missions, equipment, and facilities the new branch will take over from the Army, Navy, Missile Defense Agency and other Defense Department agencies. New uniforms must be designed. It’s not even clear what the new service’s officers and enlisted military personnel will be called."


  • Fifth Domain – DHS updates its view of trust in new network security guidance

  • ​"New Department of Homeland Security draft guidance on an updated version of the federal government’s external network security program takes a new approach to trust, moving toward a more “nuanced” view to allow for flexibility across different agencies’ mission areas. The draft guidance, released for public comment Dec. 20 by Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, outlines significant changes to the Trusted Internet Connections program, which secures federal agencies’ external network connections, as federal agencies continue to add remote users and move parts of their network into the cloud. The draft documents, released in five volumes, are out for comment from Dec. 23 to Jan. 31, 2020."


  • Federal Times – Inside the NSA’s plan to lure cyber talent

  • ​"About 50 miles northwest of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, sits Dakota State University, a small institution with enrollment just over 3,200. Despite its small class size and rural location, DSU has built a curriculum that has made the school one of the most successful in funneling cybersecurity professionals into the National Security Agency’s talent pipeline."


  • FedScoop – The Federal Data Strategy’s 2020 action plan is here

  • ​"The Federal Data Strategy 2020 Action Plan is finally here — and it’s the Office of Management and Budget’s present to us all this holiday season. OMB released the finalized document on the evening of Dec. 23, thereby setting the stage for how agencies will be expected to prioritize data over the coming year. The document is an update, created with stakeholder feedback, from the draft version released in June."


  • NextGov – How VA Is Tapping Cutting-Edge Tech for Veterans

  • ​"The Veterans Affairs Department, often hammered for over budget, timeline-busting modernization projects, spent much of 2019 harnessing innovative and cutting-edge technology. In a recent conversation with Nextgov, Veteran’s Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem Executive Director Dr. Ryan Vega reflected on the fruits of VA’s mission- and digitally-driven innovation that blossomed this year across several domains—and shed light on the agency’s plans to implement new applications of emerging technology in 2020."

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