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GovConJudicata 2021: Thank You for Your Readership!

44 GCJ Posts + 48 Weekly Debriefs = 92 Pieces of Content – articles, events, updates, news – for Government Contractors and the GovCon Industry!


It was a busy year for GovConJudicata – we hit almost hit our goal of averaging two posts per week! In addition to our own blog posts, we also posted news and other content directly to LinkedIn and Twitter. We hope you enjoyed reading and following us for the latest in govcon. If you aren't already following us, please do!

Beyond blogging, I also want to take a moment to thank several organizations for inviting me to participate on various panels and webinars throughout the year. I very much appreciate the opportunity to give back and educate others on matters that impact the government contracting space.

Looking forward to 2022, so stay tuned and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay current.

Thank you for your readership and Happy New Year!


ICYMI – Below are some posts from 2021:

. . .


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